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See you at AASP Summit 2022

By Dan Bourg, Sr. Director

The 2022 AASP Summit is right around the corner, and we at BrightVine are excited to announce that we will be a sponsor and attending the conference this year! Are you going to be attending? If so, AWESOME - Stacey Segal, Rich Muniz, and yours truly (Dan Bourg) want to see you! You’ll be able to find us at the Blackbaud Innovation Center, so stop by to say hello and talk to us and Blackbaud about some of our exciting new products like Blackbaud CRM™ Mobile by BrightVine, Lumière, and our DataLink Integration Engine will all-new front end API mapping capabilities.

This year our friends at AASP have assembled some of the brightest minds in the nonprofit industry to discuss five topics important to all nonprofit professionals:

  1. CRM Ecosystem

  2. Culture and Leadership

  3. Fundraising Strategy

  4. Program Implementation

  5. Data & Analytics

These topics are near and dear to our hearts here at BrightVine, so it’s no surprise that we’ve discussed them a ton on the blog before. Here are 5 of my favorite posts that are sure to get your creative juices flowing, so you’re ready for the 2022 AASP Summit:

  1. Blackbaud CRM Integration: File Mapping Expressions - Enhance your CRM ecosystem by upping your integration game using this spiffy new feature in the BrightVine Data Link.

  2. Project Launch: Controlling the Start - Lead your projects to a successful end by setting the right culture from the onset of the project.

  3. Managing Your Membership Program - Learn how to use Blackbaud CRM™ to implement a strategic membership program. .

  4. Data Governance - What It Is and Why You Need It - Read about how to implement a data governance program to effectively use your data.

  5. Publishing Tableau Reports to Blackbaud CRM™ - So you’ve collected a ton of data and analyzed it, learn how to publish those visualizations inside of Blackbaud CRM™.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans at the Summit!


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