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Lumière by BrightVine

Today we’re announcing Lumière by BrightVine.  A digital transformation engine that provides data analytics, visualization, and multi-channel segmentation for nonprofit organizations.


You can capture data from a variety of sources, including RE NXT™, Blackbaud CRM™, Luminate Online™, Salesforce NPSP™, Marketing Cloud™, CVENT, and many more. 


Lumière, French for “light” or “enlightenment”, will allow you to standardize, analyze and segment your data based on user inputs or machine learning.   The team at BrightVine brings our deep knowledge of multi-channel marketing segmentation, integration, and machine learning together to build a product that will help nonprofits navigate their complex communications needs.   


Lumière allows you to store large data sets without a per-record charge, like non-active constituents, acquisition lists, suppression lists, and other data that you may not want (or be able to store) in your primary CRM solution.  On-prem or in the cloud, you pick the solution that's right for your organization.  You can also add prospects and constituents from external sources and match them to your existing CRM data to provide true 360 analytics and segmentation. 


Build your segments in Lumiere based on dashboard results or create your own queries. Your segments can be sent to one or multiple systems - you can create an Appeal in RE NXT™ or a Marketing Effort in Blackbaud CRM™ or send a list to Salesforce Marketing Cloud™ to use in Journeys, create invitations in CVENT, create portfolios for prospect managers, send your data to marketing vendors for use in your marketing strategy.  


No matter what type of data you have or where it comes from, you can use Lumiere’s power to shed light on your donors and prospects with Lumière.

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