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Blackbaud CRM Integration: File Mapping Expressions

By Heather Todd

Walt Whitman once said, “Simplicity is the glory of expression.” The Brightvine Data Link (BVDL) enhanced file mapping functionality enables you the simplicity to create a data expression within a file mapping. These expressions may replace the need for orchestrations or may prepare the data for more advanced orchestrations.

How do I use it?

Let’s say you have a data file that requires two constituent documentation note fields to be concatenated into one Blackbaud CRM Constituent Documentation Text Note field; you can now enter the Expression within the file mapping.

For example purposes, the two import fields that need to be concatenated into one Documentation Text Note field are as follows:

Field 1: Volunteered in the 2018 Alumni Charity Walk Event.

Field 2: Member of the NYC Alumni Team.

In the file mapping, similar to the way you would use a formula in Excel, an Expression will always start with "=" and then enter the Concat expression. In this example, the Expression was entered in the Constituent Note Collection Note 1 field.

Then stage import records. The two note fields were concatenated into one Constituent Documentation Text Note field.

Finally, process the stage data to Blackbaud CRM, and the constituent record now reflects the concatenated Constituent Documentation Text Note field.

Please contact BrightVine Solutions to learn more about the BrightVine Data Link.


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