BrightVine Managed Services

BrightVine's Managed Servivces delivers strategic business operations across your organization. Our team of highly-skilled and trained professionals, combined with technology and process, allows us to provide more effective and efficient outcomes. Shifting your operations to BrightVine increases your ability to focus on accelerating your organization’s mission.

Now, more than ever, nonprofits are facing unprecedented operational challenges and possibilities

Our team of industry experts will partner with your organization to ensure you get the most from your technology while you focus on fundraising and fulfilling your mission.  Our consultants become an extension of your in-house team, focused on helping you achieve ROI and defined KPIs. We offer dedicated resources who learn your business and can add value throughout the length of our partnership.  We support a variety of software including: 

Raiser's Edge/NXT

Blackbaud CRM

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Omatic Tools

Engaging Networks

Optimize operations and accelerate results

At BrightVine, we use a best practices’ approach to managed services which empowers our clients to focus on constituent relationships, fundraising and program management. Our team is an extension of your team and can augment or completely fulfill your data management needs.

Application Management

Products we support: Blackbaud CRM

  • Backups, upgrades, patch application, regular maintenance

  • Cloning of environments 

  • Deployment of customizations 

  • Database refreshes 

  • Performance Monitoring 

  • Application monitoring 

  • Long-Running Process Summary Report (weekly)

  • Business Process Trending Performance Report (monthly) 

  • Database Growth Report (monthly) 

  • Scheduled Process Failure Report (daily)

Data Management

Products we can support:

Blackbaud CRM & ALTRU

The Raiser's Edge / RE NXT

Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Omatic tools

Engaging Networks

  • Direct Marketing / Integrated Campaign Management 

  • Imports (ex. NCOA, Acquisition Files, Gift Files)

  • File Pulls/Exports (ex., Co-Op, House Files)

  • Segmentation, Queries, and Analytics

  • Acknowledgment processing, Receipting, and Reminder processing

  • Global change execution 

  • Management of 3rd party vendors 

  • Merge Purge

  • Staff coverage for turnover, leaves of absence, growth projects and more

Managed Services benefits:

Why work with BrightVine over another vendor?

  • 24- 72 hour turnaround time (task-based)

  • 12-hour turnaround time for emergency campaigns

  • 1-hour response for "down" and "critical" issues

  • Dedicated project teams

  • The most flexible contract terms in the market

  • Access to proprietary tools that make our services even quicker and more accurate

  • Highly competitive pricing

How we RE:Thought The United States Fund For UNICEF 's Managed Services:

During the implementation of Blackbaud CRM™,  The United States Fund for UNICEF, turned to BrightVine to redesign and complete the implementation of their Marketing and Communications business processes and to take over day-to-day operations for all Managed Services. BrightVine manages the production schedule, creates all house and acquisition mailings, completes file pulls, data dumps, and other jobs from within Blackbaud CRM™.   


By using our proprietary tools, and dedicated project team, we can provide a turnaround time of 72 hours for the majority of all tasks (down from 10 day turnaround times from a previous vendor.) Our dedicated team of Managed Service Consultants provides fast and reliable customer service to our clients and their other vendors.