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Smart Field Clear Results Global Change - The “Clear Results” action on Smart Fields does not remove the stored data from the table. It reset the smart field’s last run on date to blank/null but can leave orphaned data behind.  This Global Change will allow you to remove the data from the tables. 

Attribute global change - a global change that can be run to delete attributes and their values so orphaned values don't remain in the database. 

The Constituencies List is added to the Constituent Query as a new node that outputs constituent codes as comma-separated-values. 

Marketing Effort Refresh Process - is a custom queue process that automatically refreshes marketing efforts with new revenue. This means no more manually adding your efforts to a queue, and significant improvement to the processing time of your refreshes since efforts with no new gifts can be skipped altogether.

The name format global change allows users to add new name formats to constituent records based upon a query; update existing name formats based upon a query or remove a name format based upon a query.  You can also choose to mark a name format as Primary. 

The Queue Copy - This customization adds a custom add form which will allow you to copy queue records. 

The Revenue Letter Global Change - This global change will remove a set of revenue letters from transactions.