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What Triggers A Blackbaud CRM Adjustment?

By: Bethany Avery, Director and Darryl Fonseca, Director

Revenue adjustments are a necessary reality in the day to day business of large not-for-profit organizations using Blackbaud CRM™. Maybe a gift was keyed incorrectly, or perhaps the details of a large pledge were still being worked out at the time it was booked. Regardless of the scenario, it’s essential that certain updates made in your fundraising system that impact your General Ledger are passed back to the financial system as adjustments.

For those who work in revenue processing in Blackbaud CRM™, you may have noticed that some changes to posted revenue records trigger a revenue adjustment while others do not. Have you ever wondered which specific fields trigger those adjustments? Here are twelve fields that will create an adjustment:

  1. Constituent (moving transaction from one constituent to another)

  2. Designation

  3. Revenue Category

  4. Payment Method

  5. Payment Method Subtypes

  6. Application

  7. Amount

  8. Benefits

  9. Events

  10. Membership Levels

  11. Appeal

  12. Inbound channel

Changes to other fields will not create an automatic adjustment record. There are other entities closely tied to the 12 fields that trigger an adjustment that could indirectly results in an adjustment. For example, if your fundraising purpose has a 1:1 relationship with the designation and that changes, this will ultimately cause an adjustment.

Do these standard fields align to your adjustment needs? If not, with careful planning and consideration it is possible to trigger an adjustment based on additional values through a Blackbaud CRM™ SDK customization.


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