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Using Imported Lists to Query Constituents in Blackbaud CRM™

By: Dylan Moses, Sr. Consultant

Often users work with lists of constituents outside of Blackbaud CRM™. When working outside of the system it can become hard to replicate this list in Blackbaud CRM™ using an Ad-Hoc Query. If you have a unique identifier in your lists, such as Lookup ID or Alternate ID, you can use the Import List feature within Blackbaud CRM™ to import the list as a selection that can be used in Query.

TIP: Each file needs to have a unique identifier for all rows in the list.

To import this list into Blackbaud CRM™, navigate to Analysis and under the Selections section click on “Import Selections”.

Fill out the required fields and make sure to check the checkbox “Show this selection in the Query Designer”. By marking this checkbox you will make your selection available in Ad-Hoc Query.

Choose your import file and map the unique identifier column to the corresponding ID type. Once you have done this, click Save and Import.

Now that you have imported this list as a selection, you can include it in an Ad-Hoc Query as an “exists in” criteria.

Add any additional criteria you need then preview your results. You will find that your imported list records are included in this ad-hoc query.

TIP: If you add other criteria make sure you use the “and” operator and parenthesis to avoid pulling in unintended records.


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