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Save Time - Adding Test Segments in Bulk in Blackbaud CRM™

By Sara Swiatlowski, Sr. Consultant

When I first started working with Blackbaud CRM™ I didn't realize how many shortcuts there were. There are a few I really wish someone had told me about early on. One of those shortcuts is the ability to add test segments in a marketing effort in bulk, instead of one segment at a time as I had been doing for longer than I’d like to admit. This tip can save both new and seasoned users a lot of time.

Start setting up your marketing effort as usual to bring in all of the segments that are going to be included. If you’ll be adding more than a couple of segments you can save yourself a little time by adding them in as a segment group instead of adding each one individually. If you are going to be doing segment testing, the next step is to add in those test segments to separate a test group from your main segment.

In the beginning I was doing this by selecting the main segment, right clicking to add a test segment, and then setting up what I needed for that test portion. You can imagine how much time this took when I was adding in 30+ test segments. This is where my tip comes in, instead of adding the test segments to each individual segment, you can select multiple segments where you want to add a test, then do that same right click to add a test segment, and voila!, you’ve added a test segment to all of the segments that were selected at the same time.

You can also use these same steps to add in an ask ladder to multiple segments at the same time, or to change a package, or a source code part. The workflow for making these edits is very simple so I find myself utilizing it often to get all of my segments setup in a marketing effort. I hope you’ve found this tip useful, it made my life so much easier when I learned it!


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