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Engaging, while social distancing: Virtual Events with Blackbaud Internet Solutions™

By Heather Todd, Principal Consultant

John Muir, a naturalist, author, botanist, zoologist and advocate, said, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” In the current landscape, virtual events are a creative and effective way of keeping donors engaged and leveraging charitable revenue channels.

As the world shifts to all kinds of virtual events, BrightVine has developed and released a Blackbaud CRM™ event customization that not only enhances the donors online event user experience, but creates new online revenue channels.

This customization enables organizations to integrate charitable donations into event registrations options, and also provides the ability to configure an appeal and other Blackbaud CRM™ revenue tracking and reporting fields, on a per event basis, that will populate the Blackbaud Internet Solutions™ Additional Donation payment record.

Use case: Creating new event registration pages while leveraging charitable revenue channels without needing to customize Blackbaud Internet Solutions™.

Virtual Homecomings are just around the corner. Let's say you want to offer an registration option with a fee of $50, a cost of $15, benefits of $20 and you wanted to include an additional donation of $10 to benefit the Student Fund. You couldn't accomplish that all in one transaction presently.

How we accomplished this: With a Blackbaud CRM™ Event Customization, we were able to bring all of these elements together making registration simple for the end user and data processing more accurate for the organization.


  • Make one ask.

  • A streamlined user experience where the event registration and the charitable donation is integrated on the same page. Limit the number of clicks for the end user.

  • Streamlined and accurate data processing experience - one payment record with split revenue applications of event registration and charitable donation application which includes the designation.

  • Not a one-size fits all event approach. This provides the flexibility to have a different charitable donation amount and/or designation on a per registration type basis.

  • Reuse and decrease time for configurations. Copy registration and charitable option configurations for other events.

  • Enhanced Blackbaud CRM™ event record functionality to configure appeal and other revenue fields on BBIS Additional Donations.

  • Transaction record Web Event Related Gifts customization for end users to view the total web transaction amount as well as link between web event transaction records for event registrations, event charitable donations and additional donations included in the same transaction batch.

  • For efficient event and revenue reporting, custom event and revenue query nodes to provide efficient query on event custom fields.


  • Registration option add/edit data form extension:

    • Configure per registration type event charitable donation amount and designation

    • Copy registration options within the event record and from one event to another.

  • Charitable options on the event record - configure revenue fields on payments and additional donations. Populate revenue fields such as in-bound channel, revenue recognition types (on charitable donations) and revenue category, as well the appeal field on Blackbaud Internet Solutions™ Additional Donations.

  • Blackbaud CRM™ payment record includes web event related gifts tab and displays the event registration revenue application and charitable donation revenue application included in the same transaction batches.

  • Payment record custom field to view the total online transaction amount (event registration, fees and additional donation) as well as record links between each of the transaction records.

  • Custom query nodes.

If you'd like to learn more about this customization and how it could be used for your events, please contact us today!


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