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Blackbaud CRM™ Selection Generator

Introducing the Blackbaud CRM™ Selection Generator

One of the most common business needs for Blackbaud CRM™ users is the ability to create a selection of records in Blackbaud CRM™ from an outside list. Quite often, you may have the data right at your fingertips, but Blackbaud CRM™ does not provide a way to copy and paste that data into a selection. Sometimes you may have a Blackbaud CRM™ Lookup ID available, other times you may only have an email address, a finder number, name, or another data point that is not supported.

We are simplifying the selection creation process with our new Selection Generator tool, which will allow you to:

  • Upload a file containing data like an email address, a finder number, names, phones, etc, and create a constituent selection.

  • Copy and Paste a list of data, like email address, no IDs or GUIDS required!

  • Informative exception files make it easy to understand your newly created selections

  • Native source data deduping at run time. No more missing records due to the automatic exclusion of duplicates in a selection.

  • Ability to pull in multiple records where the matching data exists on multiple records. For example, if you need to include all records with a particular email address.

Sound like something that could make your year just a little easier? If so, contact us today to learn more!


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