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Blackbaud CRM™ Recurring Gift Upgrades: Don't leave money on the table!

One of the things that was challenging in the early years of Blackbaud CRM™, was analysis on Recurring Gift changes. This is something I saw frequently with customers, in Australia & the UK particularly, where recurring giving (also known as “Regular Giving”) is EXTREMELY popular! Over the years, this led many customers to customize query.

Hopefully you're as excited as we are that recurring gifts are a part of the product that have seen many improvements over time, and in the current version of Blackbaud CRM™ you can easily and efficiently conduct your recurring gift upgrade and downgrade analysis - out of the box!

How do you do this? Just check out the “Recurring Gift Revenue Function History” node within a Revenue query. There you’ll find everything you need from previous amount, new amount, amount change, previous/new frequency, date, inbound channel and more.

You’ll also notice sub-nodes for Appeal and Mailing so you can track what upgrade campaigns were most successful.

If you’ve already developed a robust recurring giving program, congrats! But, be sure you’re taking advantage of the Blackbaud CRM™ tools and making regular efforts to upgrade your donors as well. After all, they are likely among your most passionate supporters.

If recurring giving is an area you’d like to grow, talk to us today about how we can help your organization start or improve your recurring gift program.


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