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Blackbaud CRM Mobile 2.0 by BrightVine

By: Bethany Avery, Director

For those who aren’t familiar with our Mobile solution for Blackbaud CRM™ Mobile by BrightVine.

This tool provides fundraisers the ability to manage their prospects and other constituents quickly and easily from any mobile device, solving a common pain point for busy fundraisers who don’t often have the desk time needed to track their activity in Blackbaud CRM™.

In CRM Mobile, users can:

  • Quickly view their current prospects and prioritize outreach by reviewing pending plan steps

  • Find constituent contact information and reach out directly from their device

  • File contact reports to complete existing or create new steps and interactions

For those who already know and love it, we’re excited to let you know that Version 2.1 was released earlier this month. This version includes the following enhancements:

  • New panel for Relationships

  • New panel for Group Memberships

  • Ability to File an Unplanned Contact Report

  • Improvements to the Home Screen List

  • Easier ways to filter for your prospects by role

  • Expanded recent gift filters

  • Search by Constituency

  • UI Enhancements

  • Version Number visibility for easier maintenance and upgrades

To upgrade, simply download the latest files and reinstall. For questions, or information on retrieving the latest files, or to schedule a demo, please reach out to our support team.


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