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Alternative uses for Site in Blackbaud CRM™

By: Ashley Hansen

Using the site field to restrict user access may not be critical for how your organization operates, but you still could find value in using the site field. Without configuring security roles to take into account the site on the record or process, you are left with a common field that’s practically everywhere in Blackbaud CRM™.

You can use the site field to categorize records and processes by college, hospital, congregation, etc., to manage fundraising efforts and clearly track success.

Below are some examples that demonstrate how using the site field can be useful to organizations:

  • Associate fundraising purpose records with schools and colleges at a university to see which schools and colleges are achieving their financial goals.

  • Populate the site field on a prospect plan to allow you to easily filter by the regional hospital from the Major Giving Management dashboard suite.

  • When a designation is undetermined or will be established when a donor passes away, use the site field on opportunities and planned gifts to capture the department that will receive funds when received.

  • Capture the appropriate site on acknowledgments, receipts, reminders, and tribute acknowledgments to allow schools and colleges to manage their own donor communications.

  • Use the site field on interactions and events to track engagement with a particular congregation.

  • Assign the site field to marketing efforts when the overarching appeal is site-neutral. This way, you can track the success of the appeal and see which school or colleges had the most alumni solicited and the most donors.

  • Organize queries and selections using the site field to better manage the Information Library.

The frequency in which it is available throughout BBCRM makes the site field an appealing and accessible resource.


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