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Add a Hyperlink in Blackbaud CRM™

By: Ashley Hansen

As you surface data lists throughout Blackbaud CRM™, there may be instances where the list can be enhanced to provide a better user experience. For example, if surfacing a list of constituents and you envision that the user may want to view the constituent record in its entirety rather than the few details surfaced on the list, you can make one of the fields a hyperlink that will take the user to the constituent page.

Step 1: Create a data list

Create your data list with the details you want to surface. It is important to include the system record ID as a field to display in your list.

If you do not want the field to be visible on your data list, you can update the Set save options and set the output type to Hidden.

Step 2: Determine which field to have as the hyperlink

Determine which field you would like to have as your hyperlink. Choose wisely so that a user has a good idea where they will be directed when they click on the hyperlink.

Step 3: Determine what page you want to land on

Decide which page the user should be taken to when they click on the hyperlink. You can also specify which tab you would like the user to land on as well.

Step 4: Create an action

In design mode, go to the page where your data list is surfaced. Click Edit actions.

Add details for your action.

  • Caption: Give the action a caption

  • LinkFieldID: Type the name of the field that you want to have as the hyperlink

  • Action Type: Select ShowPage

  • Page and Tab: Select the page and tab (if desired) where you want the user to land when they click on the hyperlink.

Click OK and Save your action.

You’ve now added a hyperlink to your data list and users everywhere will love you for it.

If you'd like more information about using Design Mode in Blackbaud CRM™, please contact us today.


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