Our people are what make us who we are and what makes us great. Some companies will say things like "we have more than 100 years experience" with this product or that product. We think what really matters is the experience of the person you're working with.  Every member of our team is a senior resource who has worked for Blackbaud or for an organization using Blackbaud CRM™, Salesforce or other tools we support


Our team has experience with a variety of software products, but we specialize in Blackbaud CRM™. Our team has used, and implemented, The Raiser's Edge™ and Blackbaud Direct Marketing™ (BBDM) as well.  Our technical team has an extensive background with The Blackbaud CRM™ SDK, Integration Services, and APIs.  We also have experience with Salesforce™, Omatic™, and standard technology like Microsoft™, Oracle™,  and Google™.

BrightVine's Leadership

Ed Crantz


  • Ed Crantz

Stacey Segal

Vice President

  • Stacey Segal

Rich Muniz

Vice President

  • Rich Muniz

Chief Fun Officer

Meet The Team

Darryl Fonseca


  • BrightVine Solutions

Megan Constantino

Principal Developer

  • Megan Constantino

Selena Fowler

Principal Consultant

  • Selena Fowler

Steve Otey

Senior Developer

  • Steve Otey

Nathaniel Rand

 Technical Consultant

  • Dylan Moses

Bethany Avery


  • Bethany Avery

Brian Hall

Senior Technical Manager

Heather Dunphy

Principal Consultant

  • BrightVine Solutions

Alesha McCann

Senior Developer

Tim Lenczowski

Practice Manager

  • Tim Lenczowski

Pavan Nayini

Technical Manager

  • BrightVine Solutions

Sara Swiatlowski

Senior Consutlant

  • Sara Swiatlowski

Jeremie Weldin

Practice Manager

  • BrightVine Solutions

Susan Hines

Project Manager

  • Susan Hines

Aaren Ballinger

Senior Consultant

  • Aaren Ballinger

Dylan Moses

Senior Consultant

  • Dylan Moses

Chet Rosson

Senior Developer

  • Dan Carlomany

Michael Jacko

Technical Consultant

  • Michael Jacko

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