Blackbaud CRM™ Marketing Effort Best Practices Series: Part 4

After the Mailing - Tracking Results

Welcome back to our series discussing best practices for using Marketing Efforts in Blackbaud CRM™. If you missed the first three parts of our series, be sure to check those posts out here:

System Configuration

Building the Pieces

Marketing Effort Configuration

In part four, we focus on best practices for tracking results after your marketing effort has been activated.

Refreshing Marketing Efforts Results

You can refresh results within your activated marketing efforts by clicking Refresh effort on the taskbar. This will search for new gifts that have been tied to the appeal and finder numbers in your effort. This isn't an excellent solution when you have hundreds or thousands of efforts.

One way to make the process more efficient than individually refreshing each effort is to set up a marketing effort refresh queue. You can add a job schedule to run this every night. The downside is that each time you activate a new marketing effort, you will have to remember to add that marketing effort to the queue manually. And, if you have a lot of efforts, the process can run for a long time.

BrightVine has built a free tool to address this two-fold problem. We've developed a custom process that automatically refreshes Marketing Efforts only when there is new revenue associated with that effort. This eliminates the need to add efforts to a queue manually, and significantly improves processing times. If you'd like this free tool, please email us.

Marketing Effort Reports

There are many out-of-the-box reports in Blackbaud CRM™ that can help you to analyze the effectiveness of your Marketing Efforts. Here are a few we recommend:

Appeal Performance Report

The Appeal Performance report helps you understand the effectiveness of your appeals. You can view information about a single appeal or multiple appeals, and filter the report by appeal category, revenue date, etc. You can also break out the results by designations generate charts to represent the comparison of multiple appeals.

Marketing Revenue Report

The Marketing Revenue report allows you to see a breakdown of the number of gifts and dollars that a marketing effort has generated for your organization. TIP: a Marketing Effort must be activated to run this report.

The report tracks responses over a date range and frequency that you define in the parameters of the report, which can be helpful when analyzing trends related to response times, etc. Under the Period totals, the report displays revenue for the date range you select. Under Totals to Date, it displays revenue up to and including the date range. This allows you to compare totals for the period to the revenue before the period.

In addition to a grid sorted by column, the report also includes line charts for Number of Gifts by Period and Revenue by Period.