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Make Your Blackbaud CRM™ Data Lists colorful

Do you want your data lists to stand out? Is there important data you want to highlight for your end users? In today’s blog will build on previous lessons learned from the Design Mode Crash Course blog series and use the legends feature of design mode to add color to our data lists.

After creating a custom data, tabs, and a functional area we can now focus on making the data list shine! To start, let’s open Blackbaud CRM ™ and browse to a data list that you’d like to enhance.

In my example, I’ll be viewing a revenue data list that looks at all $10,000+ donations in my database. $10,000 dollar donations are great right? But that’s even better are $100,000+ donations! Let walk through the steps to highlight these $100,000 donations in our data list.

First things first, let’s toggle on design mode on by clicking the design mode icon in the top right-hand side of the page.

After toggling on design mode we will now see a properties icon appear in the header above our data list.

Click on properties, scroll down until you see Legend underneath the data list section and click the ellipsis. Once on the add Legend screen click Add. Then click the ellipsis next to expression.

In the following screen we are able to create an expression that will target the data we want to highlight. For this example, we are looking at an amount greater than or equal to 100,000.

After you have entered your expression, click Ok. We can now select a ForeColor.

That’s it! Now you can click Ok and then Save. When looking at your data list you'll see that gifts greater than $100,000 are highlighted red. You can use the steps above to write expressions for a whole host of reasons, such as a pending interaction or step, even highlight donors who have an amount greater than a specified amount and have no prospect manager. Enjoy making your data lists pop for your end users!

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