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Blackbaud CRM™ Feature Spotlight: Merge Selections

Out of sight, out of mind - the truth of this phrase is something few would debate. From our inboxes to our to-do lists, we know it rings true. And the same can be said for Blackbaud CRM™ functionality.

From users who log in and complete the same common tasks each day, to system administrators whose pages are filled with all of the feature icons (both frequently used and never touched), it is easy for us all to forget about features we don’t come in contact with on a regular basis, but which still may prove useful for us. That’s why I’d like to use this new series I’ll call the “Feature Spotlight” series to highlight some of these often overlooked but helpful features.

Today’s feature is the “Merge Selection” feature. To access, click on Analysis > View Selections > then, “Merge Selections” in the upper left hand corner. After doing so, you are presented with an underwhelmingly blank search screen.

Hit enter or “Search” and at that point you’ll get back a list of the various types of selections. You’ll need to actually select what type of selection you’re interested in building before you’ll see anything cool. But after you do so, voila...

You’re presented with a very user-friendly and venn diagram based screen to help guide you through the creation of a new selection using two existing selections. There is also a handy “Calculate totals” button to help you see the volume of records you can expect prior to saving. This feature is useful for pulling quick lists on the fly, segmentation and more. Often, the various exclusions you would need to use to accomplish one of these “Either A or B”, “both A and B” type commands can lead a query to be long running. We are all about simplifying queries which is why we’ve spotlighted this feature today!

Used this feature and still struggling to build targeted, efficient queries and selections? Reach out today to learn more about how our team can help you optimize your queries today!

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