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Blackbaud CRM™ Trick or Treat: Is that a designation or a purpose?

I’m sure you’ve all been enjoying our Design Mode Crash Course series of blogs; I know I have, and it brought to mind one of my favorite Page Designer tips.

I’ve always found it frustrating that when you are in a Purpose or Designation Record, the page header by default, looks the same. It contains the Purpose type, so it might say something like “Endowment, Annual Fund, or General” before the name of the purpose/designation, but are you looking at the Purpose record or the Designation record? Trick or treat? No tricks here, just a tip (or treat).

Having clicked around the system, you might not remember how you arrived at this particular page. There are clues of course; you could scan the page to perhaps the Tasks area, where you will see “Edit designation” or “Edit purpose”, or find the hierarchy tab to see which one it’s linked to, but it’s just not immediately apparent.

And from the Recently accessed area of the explorer bar things get worse. How can you tell which is which when they both look the same – there are no clues here?

The answer is to modify the page caption to include “Purpose” or “Designation” in the string. To do this, navigate to the page you want to change – we’ll start with the Designation page – any Designation record will do. Toggle design mode on by clicking the design mode icon in the top right corner of the page.

After toggling design mode on, click on Properties at the very top of the page, and replace what you see in the Caption field with:

=String.Format("Designation: " &Page.Fields!NAME)

Once you click Save, your page will update with the word “Designation” in the title bar.

You can do the same with the Purpose page, by navigating to a Purpose record, and this time updating the caption string to:

=String.Format("Purpose: " &Page.Fields!NAME)

I hope you find this tip useful; please connect with us for further information or help.

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