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Blackbaud CRM™ Design Mode Crash Course Part 2: Creating Custom Pages

In our last installment, Design Mode Crash Course Part 1, we created a custom tab on the Major Giving Management - Prospect page. In this post, we will be moving the custom tab we created on the Major Giving Management – Prospect page to our own custom page. There are several reasons we may want to do this. For example, we maybe creating a custom data list or surfacing data that doesn’t make sense on any existing pages, or the development team specifically asks for an entirely new page to meet a business need, or perhaps you're trying to create a new area to surface specific information tailored to a group of end-users. There are many reasons a new page is useful in CRM.

With Blackbaud CRM™, creating new pages and adding tabs is a breeze. Below, we’ll go over the steps to create a new page and then add the custom tab we created in the previous installment. Once we’ve done this we’ll add this new page to an action group in the Prospect functional area.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Administration functional area, Application, Shell Design, and then the Pages tab. Here we’ll click on the Add button.

Step 2 - On the Add a page screen, we’ll give it the same name, description, caption “Custom Development Page”. Next, we’ll scroll down and click on the ellipses next to Tabs.

Step 3 - On the Edit page tabs we’ll click Add. Here name the tab to reflect the datalist we created in Part 1. Here I’ll name the tab “10K Donors this Month”. Scroll down to the sections area and click the ellipsis.

Step 4 - Within the Add Sections area, click on the Add button. We’ll use the same name here for the tab we used above “10K Donors this Month”. For SectionType, select DataList, then search for the datalist created in Part 1. Then click Ok until you see the Save option. Congratulations you’ve created your first custom page!

Step 5 - The final step is to add the custom page to an action group. In this example our development team has asked us to to add this new page to the Prospect management action group in the prospect functional area. To do this navigate to the Prospect functional area and toggle design mode.

Step 6 - Once design mode has been toggled, click on Edit action groups from the top design bar menu, then highlight Prospect management and click edit.

Step 7 - Scroll down to Actions and click the ellipses. On the next page click Add. Set a name and then change the action type to ShowPage. Either type the name of your page in the search window, “Custom Development Page” or click the magnifying glass to search for it.

Step 8 - Click Ok on the prompts until you have an option to save.

You’ll now see a link to your page under the Prospect Management action group. Go ahead and click on the link to your new page!

On your new page you can add more custom tabs using the steps we learned from Part 1. In part 3 of the series, we’ll explore how to create an entirely new functional area with custom action groups.

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