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Blackbaud CRM™ Marketing & Communications Field Guide

Are you starting to use Marketing Efforts in Blackbaud CRM™? Perhaps you've always thought, "there has to be an easier way to do that". Once Marketing Efforts are designed, and set up, they are very effective tools. There are a lot of decisions to be made before you begin using Marketing Efforts. It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but we have found following the steps below, in this particular order, will help guide you through the process:

1. Setting up Source code

You can have many source codes built into CRM, but it is important to keep the length of all source code configurations the same. The source code parts in each configuration can be different, but the number of characters should remain the same. There is limited real estate on the scanline. Most use OCR scanlines and it can become very complicated for your vendor to deal with multiple lengths and can be come very cost prohibitive to you. So consider making all source codes the same length.

2. Finder Number Settings

There is an option to check the 'check digit' box in Blackbaud CRM™ which will automatically a configure check digit to the finder number. This will become the last digit in the finder number. You can set the finder number to as many as 18 digits. If you will be mailing large quantities you might want to set to maximum digits to allow for growth. You don’t want to run out. Just make sure you have the room in your scanline on the reply device.

3. Ask Ladder

Ask ladders can be added after you start using Marketing & Communications but it is a good idea to have a general one set up before hand to use as a place holder if you haven't finalized your actual ask ladders. The ask ladder set up is very user friendly.

4. Communication Name Pattern There are many different ways you can configure your name pattern. You can use free form parts or use the ones defined in the system. We suggest you choose the Month, Year and the name of the mailing. This name pattern will be used in the Direct Marketing Efforts data list and makes it easy to identity.

5. Export Definition

Export Definitions are your file layout. Export Definitions in Marketing and

Communication are different to the Export Definitions under Administration. You have to create export definitions in Marketing and Communication in order to use it for your Marketing Effort. It's a good idea to create a base select export definition and a mail file export definition as those file outputs are often different. A mail file export definition usually has all biographical information, Constituent ID, Finder number, Source code and the ask ladder.

6. Seeds

Seeds are not Constituent records in CRM. You can have someone in your seed list that does not have a Constituent record and if you want a Constituent to become a seed, you add them as well. It's important to note, that if you use the seeds functionality each seed will get sent every package in your mailing - yes, thats right, every single package. The seeds show up at the bottom of your exported mail file.

7. Communication Template

Templates are needed to create a new Marketing Effort. You can have several set up for different types of mailings including Renewal and Acquisition for example. You can have parts of the template locked or unlocked. If the seeds are the same for each mailing you can add them at the template level saving you a step when you are creating your Marketing Effort.

8. Selection/Queries

How you set up the selections is crucial. Who do you want to see in these selections. Is it based on Largest Gift Amount, revenue amount, Recent gift amount.

Our team can help you through the process of setting up your Marketing. Just connect with us and we'll be happy help.

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