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Setting up Multiple Databases for your Blackbaud CRM™ SDK Development

Tech Team Tuesday Tip

It's Tech Team Tuesday again and time for another tip.

As a Blackbaud CRM™ SDK Developer sometimes you need to work on a local environment, but also test your code against a robust set of data. If you want to be able to select multiple databases from the Blackbaud CRM™ Login screen, here's a tip: in your web.config file configure the following:

Under your appSettings in your Web.Conig file add this key

<add key="REDBList" value="LocalDB;SandBox" />

Under your connections string section add your database server links


<add name="LocalDB" connectionString="Server=DBSERVER;database=DB1;integrated security=sspi" />

<add name="SandBox" connectionString="Server=DBSERVER;database=DB2;integrated security=sspi" />


Once everything is setup you will get a Database selection link at your default page for CRM.

Screen Shot from Blackbaud CRM™

(image: screen capture from Blackbaud CRM™)

Tip: Remember that your databases and CRM instances need to be on the same versions and service pack. And, don't forget to bind a LoadSpec shortcut key for your new environment.

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