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How to utilize the Source Analysis Rules Tool in Blackbaud CRM™

Did you ever think it would be great to be able to see what your donors giving status was at the time a mailing was pulled. Blackbaud CRM™ has that exact tool already provided for you in Marketing Efforts. By simply checking a box upon activating a

Marketing Effort, you'll gather the information you're looking for. Blackbaud CRM™ offers several out of the box Source Analysis Rules. You can also add additional rules based on your organization business processes and needs.

Source Analysis Rules are a snapshot of a donors attributes at a specific time. The SAR fields are captured from smart fields created in Blackbaud CRM™.

Before you turn on SAR, you need to have a brainstorming session to figure out what type of information you want to get out of SAR. SAR is used to see trends over time. CRM has the following SAR fields set up, but don't forget, you can add to them. Note: the more SAR rules you add the longer it will take to activate your Marketing Effort.

SAR Fields that are set up Out of the Box in Blackbaud CRM™:

  1. Constituent Years on File

  2. Constituent Life Gifts (Count)

  3. Constituent Life Giving ($$)

  4. Constituent Single Gift Consecutive Years

  5. Constituent Loyalty value

One way to look at SAR is to see the path of the donor. Is the donors average gift growing? Which mailings provoked a response and which kept them engaged? Perhaps you can see when donors drop off or lapse. With this information you can be proactive and retain more donors. It is easier to help enrich the donor while they are giving then win them back.

A few additional SAR fields we recommend are Average count and Average amount for 12 months, Counts of Gifts, Total giving last 12 months.

Once you have configured your Source Analysis Fields to be captured it is time to start using the Source Analysis Rule. Upon activating a Marketing Effort the below pop appears and you will want to check the Capture source analysis rule (SAR) data for all recipients.

Once collected you have several options for analyzing:

  • Standard Source Analysis Response Report - this option is limited

  • Query data and export for further analysis out of the system

  • Data warehouse

To Find Source Analysis Response Report:

Go to Analysis/Marketing Reports/Source Analysis Response. You will have to create a selection. For example all 2018 activated Marketing Efforts. The report will pull the SAR fields for all of those. If you want it for a particular Marketing Effort the selection should be that particular Marketing effort.

Our next post in this series will dive into the queries used to pull SAR information per Marketing Effort.

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