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Blackbaud CRM™ Selection Import

Selection import is a great feature in Blackbaud CRM™ that sometimes gets overlooked but very helpful. Here are just a few reasons you might need to import a selection in Blackbaud CRM™:

  • You need to exclude donors from a previous mailing, into a future mailing, that is

not yet activated in Marketing and Communications

  • Export the data file from CRM and then import this file as a selection.

  • Create a query of these donors to use as an exclusion in your Marketing effort

  • You have a list of monthly credit card rejections from your sustaining donors

  • Import the list as a selection

  • Create a query

  • Use that query as an exclusion to your sustainer statement process

  • You receive a list of event invites from an outside source, but need more information about the donor

  • Import this list as a selection

  • Create a query with this selection

  • Pull required information for these donors into your output.

Now that you know you need to import a list, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Save your list of constituent IDs (or revenue IDs) as a .csv file.

  • In the Analysis Functional Area, navigate to Import Selections. From here, import a .csv file of Lookup IDs or System IDs (constituent or revenue).

  • Enter a unique name for your Import Selection.

  • Choose your Record Type: Constituent or Revenue.

  • Be sure to check the ‘Show this selection in Query Designer’ box before importing.

  • Choose your file.

  • If it is a large data file, it is important to clean up the file so the process goes faster. Hint: the file only needs to contain System Record ID or Lookup ID.

  • Click save and the Import Selection status page pops up.

  • This will show you when it is completed and if there were any exceptions.

  • Once it has imported successfully, the list will appear in the Selection node in the query tool and can be used in other queries.

Now you have all the instructions you can try it out for yourself. If you have any questions you can reach out to BrightVine for help.

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