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Blackbaud CRM™ Marketing Effort Refresh Automation

From building segments, to source codes, to export file QC and checks - the steps to successfully pulling off a marketing effort are numerous! But one of the things that should not be hard, is watching the money roll in in response to all the hard work you put into creating.

After you have activated your marketing effort, the next step is to schedule a business process to refresh that specific effort. This can be done through a one-off job schedule, but most Blackbaud CRM™ customers elect to put the efforts in one large refresh queue that refreshes all efforts sometime during off-hours. Business users can then come in the next day and see each of the direct and unresolved responses attributed to that marketing effort on-screen or in reports, allowing them to monitor the success of a particular mailing at all of the necessary intervals.

For high-volume direct marketing shops however, the refresh queue can quickly become unwieldy. If you are generating multiple marketing efforts per week, it’s an extra step in your process to add each effort to your queue every time. Not only that, but with lots of marketing efforts also comes lots of records (or so we hope!) So your refresh queue may begin to run longer and longer with each day that passes.

At BrightVine, we have a handy - free- tool for this two-fold problem. It’s a custom queue process that automatically refreshes marketing efforts with new revenue. This means no more manually adding your efforts to a queue, and significant improvement to the processing time of your refreshes since efforts with no new gifts can be skipped altogether.

Sound like something your organization could use? If so, send us an email so we can provide you with this free tool so you can start improving your refresh times!

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