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The Raiser’s Edge NXT Tools for Fundraisers and Administrators

By Tom Huynh, Principal Consultant

In this blog post, I will share tips to make the most of Raiser's Edge NXT with some of the available tools in web view. RE NXT is a Blackbaud-hosted cloud solution. Whether you are a system administrator or a fundraiser, these tips will help you understand some key features.

RE NXT tips and tricks

List Views

If you are familiar with RE queries, you will find lists are straightforward to set up. You can create lists for actions, constituents, gifts, and opportunities. Users quickly create the list by selecting their data through the columns option and filtering criteria. The data can range from constituent codes, gift information, actions, and fundraisers to gift acknowledgments.

The data can be exported for further analysis or fundraising touchpoints. RE NXT web view and database view pass information back and forth to each other, and sometimes there is a lag in data transfers. If you are a more advanced user, you can start with a static query and update the list using filters.

In my next blog, I will create a gift list to run conditional donor acknowledgment letters using Letter Box found under the Marketplace. I filtered the list for gifts not acknowledged this week and used that to run my donor acknowledgment letters. With Letter Box, the user can generate, edit, and acknowledge the letters in the RE NXT web view.


There are built-in reporting and dashboards that allow filtering of the information. The user can view records, filter the data, and create the list view at their fingertips.

I like the Top Funds Analysis where you can view how much each fund received compared to the goal amount. The user can click on the fund to get the fly-out window, see the Gifts list, and drill into the constituent record. There are other reports on the dashboard.

Workflow Designer

Workflow designers are great for automating processes to increase fundraising efforts and goals. They can be actions, emails, or conditions for users to complete. Organizations can set conditions to send emails to constituents. Create the email first and mark the email for workflow. Users can combine actions and emails in a workflow to track constituent emails.

For example, an organization can design a gift acknowledgment workflow for first-time donors using a Gifts list of the first gift. The first step is an initial thank you email to the donor for their first gift and the importance of their donation to the organization’s missions. The second step of the workflow is to create an action for a user or to the Annual Giving Director to make a follow-up phone call. This process will build stronger relationships and donor retention. There are a plethora of steps that an organization can create to connect with its donors using the workflow designer.

If you have any questions about RE NXT or The Raiser's Edge, please get in touch with our team!


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