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Blackbaud CRM™ Acknowledgement Options: Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving, and that’s got us thinking about thanks! I’m sure I don’t have to convince you of the power of a proper and personalized thank you. Most of us have either seen them pay dividends as part of our professional fundraising roles, or, experienced that power in our own personal lives.

So, are your gift acknowledgement processes up to par? When was the last time you reviewed and updated? Both content and segments deserve at least a yearly review to ensure they continue to speak to each of your unique constituencies in a donor-centric way.

For those using Blackbaud CRM™, there are multiple ways to tackle acknowledgements. The acknowledgement and marketing acknowledgement processes allow you to:

  • Acknowledge and receipt in one motion

  • Assign letters through a blend of logic and/or manual letter code entry (for those special scenarios that defy logic)

  • Create multiple unique thank you letters off of one transaction

  • Generate letters and labels directly from the program, or create an export file to send to a mail house

  • Include additional asks and assign an appeal for tracking responses to acknowledgement mailings

  • Acknowledge commitments that have yet to materialize such as future bequests, pledges and more

  • Address individuals, households, organizations, and organizational contacts according to each of their unique preferences

With so many options however, it can be difficult to know which processes and settings are best for your particular organization. Not to mention that changes to existing processes must be met with lots of testing. But that is where we can help make things a little easier! At BrightVine, our team of experts have the industry and system knowledge necessary to help ensure your acknowledgements are working for you and your donors.

We are thankful to do the work we do, and humbled that we get to work with passionate, committed change makers each and every day. If you’d like to learn more about how we can partner with your organization, reach out below.

We hope to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving!


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