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Finding Finder Number in Blackbaud CRM™ Query

Have you ever found yourself hopelessly searching for the "finder number" field in Blackbaud CRM™ ad-hoc query and struggling to come up with anything?

You may even use the "Find Field" function, which comes back with zip, zero, nil, nada:

I've been here, and more than once if I'm honest. Even after finding and using the field in the past, it can be hard to remember where it is if you're not using it frequently.

Finder numbers are the unique identifier of a particular mailing assigned to a specific recipient. They are printed on response devices, facilitate expedient data entry, and are the primary ID when communicating back and forth with mail house. If you expected it to be in the root revenue node like Revenue-ID or Source Code, you would be amiss as the field is actually stored in the Revenue > Appeal > Appeal Mailing > Constituent Appeals path:

You can also easily find it in the less frequently used, "Revenue Marketing" source view:

So there you have it! Bookmark this page or save the screenshots to make your life easier next time you're in a bind and need this field to locate a transaction or to include as an output field in lists and reports.

TIP: Don't be surprised if you see missing finder numbers. Since acquisition "list members" are not fully stored in the Constituent Appeals table until they have made a gift, their finder number won't be included in the query results. This is by design and helps your organization comply with direct marketing best practice and regulations not to create records for rented names.

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