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Creating SQL Job Operators for Scheduled Blackbaud CRM™ Jobs

Do your users need to know if a scheduled Blackbaud CRM™ job has completed

successfully? Do multiple people need to be notified? Maybe only specific users should be notified for specific jobs? To accomplish this, we can use SQL Operators. Below, we’ll illustrate how to associate a specific job with a particular operator in SQL to be notified when a job fails or completes successfully.

First, we need to check to make sure the prerequisite of Database Mail has been enabled on the SQL server. To do this browse to your SQL instance, and click the + sign next to Management. Below you’ll see an option for Database mail.

Right-click on Database Mail and select Sent Test E-Mail. A dialog box will appear asking you to select a database mail profile, to address, subject line and body for the test E-Mail. Fill out the required fields and go ahead and send a test to yourself. If you receive it then we are good to move onto the next step. If you don’t receive it, you will need to either troubleshoot why your profile isn’t working or set up a new profile. Configure Database Mail

Now that we’ve confirmed Database Mail is working, we can set up an operator. To do so open SQL Server Management Studio, expand SQL Server Agent from the object explorer and then right-click on Operators and click New Operator. Fill out the following information about your operator.

Once the operator has been created, we can now assign that operator to a Blackbaud CRM™ job! To do so, browse to your SQL Server Agent Jobs folder and search for a specific job. Once found right-click on the job, go to properties and then the Notifications tab. Here we can assign an operator.

Repeat the steps for any users that need to be notified for specific jobs!

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