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Smart Import and Bulk Import for Blackbaud CRM™

One of the greatest challenges every Blackbaud CRM™ customer faces is importing data. From student imports, new donor and gift files, event registrations, interactions and more, the need to quickly and reliably import data is ever present.

Those familiar with the product know that out of the box- the solution does not meet many day to day import needs. That is why many organizations have spent countless hours, and dollars, creating custom imports and extending batches which are often difficult to upgrade and maintain, while other organizations do not have the technical resources required to build their own in-house solutions.

Enter, the BrightVine Data Loader (BVDL), A Smart Import. The BVDL was born of this clear market need, and allows non-Blackbaud-hosted organizations to quickly and effortlessly import large, complex data files. Key problem-solving features of this Smart tool include:

  • No more splitting of files - The BVDL allows for more than one type of data in a file (i.e. revenue w/constituent updates, Spouse updates and event registrations all in one file.) It can also handle creation of multiple constituent for each row of data (for example donor, recognition credit and benefit recipients).

  • Flat files or API, your call - Use the BVDL to connect outside sources such as databases, web services and more to bring data directly from those systems and/or allow front-end users to import flat files.

  • Reduced Exceptions - Our orchestration tool allows you to create dynamic operations (like creating dictionaries for code tables, proper casing text, adding new attributes and more) and data validation operations (like checking that the correct pledge subtype has been applied or the gift fees are correct.)

  • SMART exception handling - Multiple users can quickly and easily resolve exceptions in bulk, all at the same time!

  • Bulky files don't time out - The tool allows large volumes of data to be staged or direct-committed in bulk.

  • No more custom batches - It includes out of the box fields that are not in standard out of the box batches/imports

  • Simple Data Mapping UI - Gives non-technical resources the power to set-up and manage imports

  • Enhanced User Interface - More tools, configuration and options for end users.

  • Smart address matching - Able to add/match addresses for all constituents, regardless of standardization status in system and file

With these powerful features, our customers have used the BVDL to meet a variety of system integration, conversion and import file needs including student files, grateful patient files, acquisition files, lockbox files, payroll deduction and more!

To learn more about these and many other ways you could leverage this tool, reach out here. And be sure to subscribe to this blog as we explore the technical side of these features in the upcoming posts in this BVDL Series.

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