BrightVine's advanced Import Engine for Blackbaud CRM™ will revolutionize the way you import data.

The BrightVine Data Loader for Blackbaud CRM™ (version 3)
Version 4 available at the end of Q1 2020

One of the most significant challenges every Blackbaud CRM™ customer faces is importing data. From student imports, new donor and gift files, revenue updates, event registrations, interactions, and more, the need to quickly and reliably import data is ever-present.


Those familiar with Blackbaud CRM™ know that out of the box the solution does not meet the import needs organizations require. Organizations have spent countless hours, and dollars, creating custom imports and extending batches which are often difficult to upgrade and maintain. 


The BrightVine Data Loader (BVDL), Smart Integration, was born of this clear market need and allows Blackbaud CRM™ organizations to quickly import large, complex data files. Version 4.0 will be the first version available to Blackbaud Hosted customers. 


Key problem-solving features of this Smart tool include:  

  • No more splitting of files - The BVDL allows for more than one type of data in a file (i.e., revenue w/constituent updates, Spouse updates, and event registrations all in one file.) It can also handle the creation of multiple constituents for each row of data (for example donor, recognition credit, and benefit recipients and event participants).

  • Flat files or API, your call - Use the BVDL to connect outside sources such as databases, web services, and more to bring data directly from those systems while also allowing front-end users to import flat files.

  • Reduced Exceptions - Our orchestration tool allows you to create dynamic operations (like creating dictionaries for code tables, proper casing text, adding new attributes, and more) and data validation operations (like checking that the correct pledge subtype has been applied or the gift fees are correct.)

  • SMART exception handling -  Multiple users can quickly and efficiently resolve exceptions in bulk (you're not limited to one user per exception batch!) 

  • Bulky files don't time out - The tool allows large volumes of data to be staged or direct-committed in bulk.

  • Simple Data Mapping UI - Gives non-technical resources the power to set-up and manage imports

  • Enhanced User Interface - More tools, configuration, and options for end-users.

  • Smart matching - Able to add/match addresses for all constituents, regardless of standardization status, allows matching on things like emails, or other IDs. 

I love the BrightVine Data Loader.

It is the best decision we made to manage our data. We are using the templates BrightVine built but we are also building other imports and have been able to tackle projects that were long overdue!

Adriana Bitoun

Executive Director, Advancement Services

University of Cincinnati Foundation 

Examples of data being consumed by the data loader today:


  • CVENT (API and flat file)

  • Eventbrite  (flat file)

  • EFT 

  • Fundly 

  • RP Scanner Solutions

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud™ API and flat file)

  • Marketing Efforts

  • Email Opt-outs

  • Merkle data

  • NCOA

  • Gravyty (flat file)

  • iDonate (API)

  • Student Information System Import

  • University Veterinary School Import

  • RNL Campus Call (API and flat file)

  • Payroll Deductions

  • Public Radio/TV files

  • Graduates file

  • Ticket Holder/Sporting Info

  • Stewardship and Scholarships Import

  • Student Orientation Information 

  • Event Attendance

  • Employees


How we RE:Thought Import with Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare organization focused on helping the U.S. become a no-kill nation by 2025. From its roots at the largest no-kill companion animal sanctuary located in Kanab, UT to their many regional programs around the country, Best Friends has cultivated a strong base of supporters nationwide.


This past July, Best Friends hosted its 20th Best Friends National Conference. The 2018 conference, held in Los Angeles, California and attended by 1,657 people, gave attendees the chance to learn, share, and connect with like-minded animal lovers from around the world.

For both attendees and staff, a seamless registration experience was a must. Best Friends Animal Society used Cvent™ event management software for this purpose and engaged BrightVine in early 2018 to assist with direct integration between Cvent™ and their Blackbaud CRM™ donor management system.


After a collaborative project between BrightVine and Best Friends, the integration was up and running using the BrightVine Data Loader (BVDL) tool. The direct connection saved precious staff time since retrieval of files was no longer necessary; further, the events team could trust that the information visible in Blackbaud CRM™ was always up to date. The breadth of the incoming data was on the complex side, incorporating requirements that were not possible to accomplish using out of the box import in Blackbaud CRM™.  These included:

  • Creation of new constituents with contact information, relationships, and other biographical information

  • Updates to existing constituent data (such as new contact information)

  • Single event registrations

  • Group event registrations

  • Ability to use discount codes

  • Ability to add additional payments for things like bus fees, site tours, additional sessions or additional donations

  • Refunds, partial refunds, and other revenue updates

  • Full cancellations


One of the most exciting parts of this project is that it included training on the underlying BrightVine Data Loader technology which, when paired with the team’s SQL Server Integration Services knowledge, means the Best Friends application developers are now equipped to create additional integrations when the need arises. Next on their integration to-do list is to use the BrightVine Data Loader to import adoption and animal data into Blackbaud CRM™. 



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