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Blackbaud CRM™ Training 
by BrightVine

Training is an extremely important part of software implementation.  Being prepared to train your resources in the age of Covid and remote work might seem daunting.  At BrightVine, we worked with one of the largest health care systems in the United States as they prepared to "turn on" Blackbaud CRM™ and train team members via video conference systems.  Before Covid, we helped organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Boston College, and Brown provide in-person custom training and custom training materials.  Post-Covid we've pivoted to e-learning, on-line classes, and virtual office hours to support implementation teams and end-users. 


Each organization we work with is unique, so we want to go beyond generic system-based courseware, to design business-specific role-based documentation and training that applies to each member of your team. We cover the full gamut, offering the following options to mix and match for your best fit:

  • Process Documentation

  • Train the Trainer

  • Go-Live User Training

  • Post-implementation Support

  • Refresher Training and New Hire Onboarding

  • Self-Service Support

  • SDK Training


Select any combination of your favorite styles of delivery: in-person, webinar, video, curriculum courseware, job aids, and presentation materials. We can suggest subject-matter toolkits for the Developer team, User Support team, Trainers, and the Users themselves. The resulting combination of documentation and delivery fits your team, your roles, and your organization’s use of Blackbaud CRM™. Together we will layout a learning strategy, build the syllabus, and design the documentation library.


Providing your team with fully customized support resources is an excellent way to ensure their continued use of the system. When CRM changes, the scariest thing for Users is not knowing how to do their jobs with the tools they have. Tailoring instruction and support to their roles will help them connect with the system changes, and give them the context and reference to hit the ground running. 

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