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If you are successful, we are successful. If you fail, we fail as well. Since our inception, BrightVine has been focused on building relationships and delivering value.  


We work with nonprofit organizations utilizing a variety of technology solutions including Blackbaud and Salesforce products. While we are a member of the Blackbaud Partner Network, we make decisions based on what is best for our customers.  Likewise, we partner with many Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partners to provide integration and managed services. 


Some vendors will tell you they have over 100 of years of experience using Blackbaud and other nonprofit software solutions. We believe it's more important that every team member has a deep level of experience and is an expert in their area. We don't have an "a" team and "b" team. You're always getting our best.  


We have a real passion for what we do. Our best work happens when we combine our energy, spirit, and sense of fun to do great things together (ask our CFO - chief fun officer that is!) Our mission is to deliver excellence while empowering nonprofit organizations with the solutions and tools needed to impact the world. 

Our Values are important. They are not a poster on the wall or a cute t-shirt. They are how we should work each and every day. No matter how good our team's skills or work might be, the values are not optional. They are the “how” in the “what” we do.

Blackbaud Alternative Consulting
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