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BrightVine Solutions offers managed services for nonprofit organizations using Salesforce.  Our team of experts will partner with your organization and provide management and execution of your campaigns, programs, data analysis, and other needs. Think of us as an extension of your team. We offer solutions for customers that may not have the time, resources, or expertise to manage and operate their own CRM. 

Executing direct mail campaigns from Salesforce software can be downright difficult. If you have a very large set of data you may need third-party tools to assist your efforts.  At BrightVine, we use a best practices’ approach to managed services which empowers our clients to focus on fundraising and program management. Our team will assist you with your direct marketing data pulls, segmentation of the data, and getting the data back into Salesforce. 

Our Managed Services team can provide:​

  • File Pulls/Exports (ex.  Co-Op, House Files

  • Segmentation, Queries, Reports, and Analytics

    Imports (ex. NCOA, Acquisition Files, Gift Files)

  • Data & Gift Entry Imports (ex. NCOA, Acquisition Files, Gift Files)

  • Acknowledgment processing, Receipting, and Reminder processing

Managed Services benefits:

Why work with BrightVine over another vendor?

  • 24- 72 hour turnaround time (task-based)

  • 12 hour turnaround time for emergency campaigns

  • 1-hour response for "down" and "critical" issues

  • Dedicated project teams

  • The most flexible contract terms in the market

  • Access to proprietary tools that make our services even quicker and more accurate

  • Highly competitive pricing

How we RE: Thought The Natural Resource Defense Council's manged services:

The Natural Resource Defense Council uses Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack along with Heroku to manage marketing efforts and direct mail.  With a large data set and the need to send data between Salesforce and Heroku, NRDC turned to BrightVine.  We were able to offer quick turnaround times, the flexibility to make frequent changes in query/segmentation logic and provide results to the mail vendors.  A previously complex process is not being managed by BrightVine allowing fundraisers to do what they do best - raise money! 

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