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Mobile Made Easier - CRM On The Go

While many of us aren't really "on the go" these days, it doesn't mean we can't operate in the way we would if we were on the go. The Blackbaud CRM™ Fundraiser On The Go (FROG) mobile view provided easier access to fundraisers while using their phones or another mobile device.

In collaboration with Blackbaud, we've taken FROG one step further and developed CRM On The Go (COG). The enhanced mobile view will allow Blackbaud CRM™ users, fundraisers, or otherwise, an easy way to access more data from their mobile devices.

In a multi-part release, we've built additional panels and functionality into COG while providing additional configuration options for the IT / Admin teams. In addition to providing more mobility, COG provides a streamlined view while honoring Blackbaud CRM™ security roles.

Let's take a look at what's new:

The following view is what you would see on an iPad sized device. COG provides more filter and sorting options (#1 in the image below) including the ability to sort by the last name, state, gift date, and more. Constituencies will be displayed based on the configuration set by the organization in CRM (#2), Links to phone and emails addresses that will open the appropriate mobile app when clicked (#3), one smart field selected by the organization (#4)

On an iPhone or smart device, you'd see a view like this:

On the constituent detail pages, you'll see more panels and configuration options. For example - navigation buttons and constituency codes. Employer information will be available including job title and link to the employer record.

A link to the spouse and household will be displayed when those relationships exist and constituent interests will display with the constituencies.

A few more of the panels and features include:

On the prospect managers panel, you'll see secondary managers as well as the primary.

We've split out the steps/ interaction panels to provide more information.

On the Plans Panel, you'll be able to show or hide historical plans.

We've added Educational History and Involvements

In the Recent Gifts Panel, you'll be able to see more information about each gift.

Within Blackbaud CRM™ the organization will be able to configure revenue and constituent smart fields to display within COG and we've added a new Registrations/ Invitations Panel so you can see in a snapshot how your constituents are engaged.

The ability to control what information is displayed is important to all organizations. In the first iteration of the COG, we've included more configuration options like selecting which search list displays, what smart field displays on the "home" page of COG, which salutation to use, and which constituencies display on the home and constituent page.

You will also be able to select which smart fields display in COG.

These features are all currently available and the next release with additional panels and more configuration will be ready in early January. If you'd like a live demo, please let us know!


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