Outlook Integration for Blackaud CRM™

The BrightVine Outlook Integration for Blackbaud CRM™ is designed to make Fundraisers more productive and organized by providing a link between Blackbaud CRM™ and email/calendar functionality in Outlook. By synching both systems, you can quickly and easily manage prospects directly from Outlook, without having to open CRM!

You know that old saying -  if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really happen?  The same applies to your CRM if it's the system of record. The information recorded outside of CRM loses its value to the organization.  Fundraisers don't live in CRMs so let's bring the tools where they're working - in Outlook. 

Arm your fundraisers with up-to-date information, ensure smooth portfolio transition when fundraisers leave, eliminate duplicate data entry, and more by providing the BrightVine Outlook Integration. 

Compatible with Microsoft Azure MFA/SSO, Outlook versions 2013, 2016 and Office 365 ProPlus connected to a desktop installation of Outlook.


Outlook for Mac and web browsers are not supported by our tool. 

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