Apr 23

The ability to identify my contacts with a selection


I addition to identifying contacts by who is assigned to me as a Primary Team member allow me to identify additional prospects with a selection. For example, our CEO not only wants his campaign assignments but also donors $5,000 plus and select committee members.

Thanks Paul, we will get this added to the roadmap. I will let you know when it will be delivered.

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  • Be able to add an organization while adding a relationship.
  • My two cents would be to make the order different on a few of the titles. Constituents Tile Order: Constituent Summary Add Constituents Update Constituent Interaction: Add Interaction Update Interaction View Interaction Contact Report: Add Contact Report Update Contact Report Contact Report Summary Other: Add Plan Step View Planned Steps View Fundraisers Sync: Sync Calendar Sync Contacts Edit Sync Settings Settings: Go to CRM Settings Help
  • I would recommend the default order for the plugin to be... Constituent Interaction Contact Report Other Sync Settings

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