BrightVine Solutions offers managed services for nonprofit organizations.  Our team of experts will partner with your organization and provide management and execution of your campaigns, programs, data analysis, and other needs. Think of us as an extension of your team. We offer solutions for customers that may not have the time, resources, or expertise to manage and operate their own CRM. Our data management team has extensive experience using Blackbaud™ software and other industry-standard products.

Managed Services

At BrightVine, we use a best practices’ approach to managed services which empowers our clients to focus on constituent relationships, fundraising and program management. Our team is an extension of your team and can augment or completely fulfill your data management needs.

Our Managed Services team can provide:​

  • Direct Marketing Campaign Management 

  • Imports (ex. NCOA, Acquisition Files, Gift Files)

  • File Pulls/Exports (ex.  Co-Op, House Files)

  • Segmentation, Queries, Reports, and Analytics

  • Data & Gift Entry

  • Acknowledgment processing, Receipting, and Reminder processing

  • Global Change execution 

  • End User Training and Support 

  • Management of third-party vendors 

  • Project Management 

  • Complex system configuration

Application Management

Should you choose to self-host your Blackbaud CRM database(s), BrightVine can assist your team with database maintenance, upgrades, patching, designing and configuring new and existing instances of Blackbaud CRM including: 

  • Database Maintenance

  • Database Growth and Performance Monitoring

  • Environmental checks

  • Server Patch Management

  • Security Audits

  • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly hosting checklist items to ensure stability

  • Hosting Vendor Management

  • Upgrade and Patch Management

  • Customization Deployment

Managed Services benefits:

Why work with BrightVine over another vendor?

  • 24- 72 hour turnaround time (task-based)

  • 12 hour turnaround time for emergency campaigns

  • 1-hour response for "down" and "critical" issues

  • Dedicated project teams

  • The most flexible contract terms in the market

  • Access to proprietary tools that make our services even quicker and more accurate

  • Highly competitive pricing

Products we can help with?

BrightVine Provides DMS services for...​

  • Blackbaud CRM™

  • The Raiser's Edge™/ Blackbaud Direct Marketing™ (BBDM)

How we RE:Thought The United States Fund For UNICEF 's Services:

During the implementation of Blackbaud CRM™,  The United States Fund for UNICEF, turned to BrightVine to redesign and complete the implementation of their Marketing and Communications business processes and to take over day-to-day operations for all Managed Services. BrightVine manages the production schedule, creates all house and acquisition mailings, completes file pulls, data dumps, and other jobs from within Blackbaud CRM™.   


By using our proprietary tools, and dedicated project team, we can provide a turnaround time of 72 hours for the majority of all tasks (down from 10 day turnaround times from a previous vendor.) Our dedicated team of Managed Service Consultants provides fast and reliable customer service to our clients and their other vendors.

How we RE:Thought American Kidney Fund's Services:

"We hired BrightVine to help us assess and rebuild the work processes around data management and to oversee a large merge and deduplication project between Raiser’s Edge and LuminateOnline. We found BrightVine to be incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with and flexible.


We were so pleased with the work that we placed them on retainer to provide ongoing support and had them take over our DMS services and BBDM management. The transition has been very smooth – they took it upon themselves to learn every aspect of the program and took an active leadership role in each step of the project.


I cannot provide a high enough recommendation for BrightVine's team. They are consummate professionals, flexible, knowledgeable and are more concerned with getting the job done right than they are about billable hours."


Julie Puzzo, VP of Development & Field Operations

American Kidney Fund 

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